MassAutonomy is enabling the next generation of aviation systems.

Putting Disruptive Technology to Use

  • Industry Created Non-Profit Organization (NPO) – MassAutonomy is focused on advancing the state of the art in uncrewed and autonomous systems.
  • Partnered with Government MassAutonomy is solving transportation challenges in the air domain.
  • Government, Industry, and Academia – Nimble collaboration is increasing the speed of innovation while improving solution effectiveness.
  • Driving Economic Development MassAutonomy is pairing real-world technology solutions with existing operational needs.

Positioning Government to Lead

  • Enabling Unmanned Aircraft Systems – Leveraging Air Technology Opportunities of the Future

  • Counter UASMeeting Air Security Challenges of the Future
  • Advanced Air Mobility  – Connecting State and Local Government to the Future

  • Graduated Test and Training Facilities – Enabling Change and a Workforce for the Future